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How to Convert Celsius to Kelvin

To convert a temperature from degrees Celsius (°C) to Kelvin (K), you need to use the following Celsius to Kelvin formula:

K = °C + 273.15

For example; 43 C to K = 316.15K, 37 C to K = 310.15K, 17 celsius to kelvin = 290.15 Kelvin and 1 C to K = 274.15K

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Table

19.4 °C to K = 292.55K
-10°C to K = 263.15K
-20°C to K = 253.15K
-15°C to K = 258.15K
25°C to K = 298.15K
-40°C to K = 233.15K
15°C to K = 288.15K
33°C to K = 306.15K
-5°C to K = 268.15K
-5°C to K = 268.15K
57°C to K = 330.15K
45°C to K = 318.15K
70°C to K = 343.15K
-273°C to K = 0K
31°C to K = 304.15K
400°C to K = 673.15K
20°C to K = 293.15K
95°C to K = 368.15K
12°C to K = 285.15K
53°C to K = 326.15K
39°C to K = 312.15K
23.5°C to K = 296.65K
52°C to K = 325.15K
-30°C to K = 243.15K
82°C to K = 355.15K
19°C to K = 292.15K
26°C to K = 299.15K
-25°C to K = 248.15K
21.2°C to K = 294.35K
-80°C to K = 193.15K
327°C to K = 600.15K
30°C to K = 303.15K
10°C to K = 283.15K
87°C to K = 360.15K
11°C to K = 284.15K
-2°C to K = 271.15K
47°C to K = 320.15K
27°C to K = 300.15K
355°C to K = 628.15K
23°C to K = 296.15K
22°C to K = 295.15K
1000°C to K = 1273.15K
55°C to K = 328.15K
14°C to K = 287.15K
16.6°C to K = 289.75K
71°C to K = 344.15K
42°C to K = 315.15K
300°C to K = 573.15K
-3°C to K = 270.15K
-7°C to K = 266.15K
24.7°C to K = 297.85K
59°C to K = 332.15K
5°C to K = 278.15K
850°C to K = 1123.15K
-100°C to K = 173.15K
150°C to K = 423.15K
89°C to K = 362.15K
60°C to K = 333.15K
7°C to K = 280.15K
3°C to K = 276.15K
80°C to K = 353.15K
-60°C to K = 213.15K
50°C to K = 323.15K
1100°C to K = 1373.15K
-4°C to K = 269.15K
46°C to K = 319.15K
25.9°C to K = 299.05K
1400°C to K = 1673.15K
6°C to K = 279.15K
75°C to K = 348.15K
67°C to K = 340.15K
24°C to K = 297.15K
Table 1.10.23


1. How do you convert degrees celsius to kelvin?

Converting Celsius to Kelvin: Formula: K = °C + 273.15 (where K is Kelvin and °C is Celsius)

2. How are celsius and kelvin related?

Both measure temperature, but Kelvin uses absolute zero (theoretical point of no molecular motion) as its starting point (around -273.15°C), while Celsius uses water’s freezing point (0°C).

3. Are celsius and kelvin the same?

No, they differ in their zero points. Kelvin values are always higher than Celsius due to the starting point difference.

4. What is celsius to kelvin formula?

K = °C + 273.15

5. Why convert celsius to kelvin?

Kelvin is based on absolute zero, making it crucial for scientific fields like thermodynamics, gas laws, and understanding molecular motion in chemical reactions.

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