Rankine to Kelvin Calculator | Convert °R to K

Convert temperatures from  Rankine to Kelvin scales quickly and easily with this free online Rankine to Kelvin calculator.

How to Convert Rankine to Kelvin

To convert Rankine (°R) to Kelvin (K), you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the formula: °K = °R * (5/9).
  2. Substitute the Rankine value (°R) into the formula.
  3. Multiply by 5 and then divide by 9.
  4. The result will be the temperature in Kelvin (K).

Rankine to Kelvin Conversion Examples

540 °R to K = 300 K

360 °R to K = 195.55 K

500 °R to K = 277.78 K

600 °R to K = 333.33 K

1 °R to K = 5/9 K

Rankine to Kelvin Conversion Table


1. What is the formula of Rankine to Kelvin?

Formula: °K = °R * (5/9)

What is 1 R in Kelvin?

1 °R in Kelvin: 5/9 K 

2. Are Rankine and Kelvin the same?

Not the same, but similar:

  • Both use the same zero point (absolute zero).
  • Kelvin uses degrees Celsius starting from absolute zero.
  • Rankine uses degrees Fahrenheit starting from absolute zero.

3. What is the difference between Rankine and Kelvin?

Kelvin uses the Celsius scale, Rankine uses the Fahrenheit scale.

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