What time was it 42 minutes ago?

42 minutes ago from now the time was:

How to find out what time was it 42 minutes ago

To find out what time it was 42 minutes ago:

  1. Note the current time. For example, let's say the current time is 3:25 PM.
  2. From the current hour, subtract 1 hour if the minutes remaining are less than 42.
    • In this example, 25 minutes is less than 42, so subtract 1 hour from 3 PM to get 2 PM.
  3. Now subtract 42 minutes from the remaining minutes.
    • 60 minutes - 42 minutes = 18 minutes
  4. So 42 minutes ago was 2:18 PM.

In summary:

  • Note the current time
  • Subtract 1 hour if current minutes < 42
  • Subtract 42 from 60 to get remaining minutes
  • Combine the new hour and remaining minutes

By following these steps, you can easily calculate what time it was any number of minutes ago from the current time. Just substitute 42 for the number of minutes you want to go back.

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